About Us

Lei Away was established in 2007 in Lehi, Utah.  Over the years Utah as well as Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada have been a  landing  place for many Pacific Islanders.  With their migration from the islands followed their culture an traditions.  None more cherished than the beautiful and fragrant  gift of a fresh flower lei.

We started off as a seasonal business in our garage taking orders only from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day.  Lei Away established a small store front in 2009, and by 2013 was our first year that we worked all year round. Our goal for Lei Away is share our spirit of Aloha by being the first distributors of fresh flower leis in the continental US. Lei Away makes it easier for those who are away from Hawaii, to get a lei. 


Lei Away Leidies finished in 3rd place on the Great Food Truck Race!

Aired on the Food Network in August 2016. Watch us on Netflix, Season 7.